Fun Activity Ideas For A Hen Party

Did your best friend get engaged a few months ago and after seriously planning out everything and anything wedding related, and settling it all, you are now organizing a hen party for her and you have also planned on inviting all your college friends to join in on the celebrations? How would you describe your friend? Is she a shy person who is not very outgoing but is still very loving and sweet when you get to know her? Or would most people including her fiancé describe her as a party animal and her loves partying hard and enjoying cocktails every weekend with her friends or partner?These are just some of the important things that you must consider before you start organizing a hen party for your friend and her guests, because you want to make her have maximum fun before she gets married but you still do not want to make her feel uncomfortable. If she is someone who is very conservative like in the first example, she will not appreciate all of your efforts if you hire male strippers to entertain but if she is a fun loving person, she would join in and truly enjoy the experience. Once you have decided this, read below to see what you can do in terms of entertainment for a hen party.

Dance themed

If your friend loves to party, along with the Newcastle strippers you hired, you can also hire a DJ and a mobile cocktail bar and make the whole party dance themed. You can book a fun venue and decorate the interior with glow in the dark paints and objects such as sunglasses and shoes that glow in the dark and have the DJ play loud, booming electro music so that you can all dance the night away with the bride to be. You can tell the bartender in the mobile cocktail bar to create all of you a custom cocktail with all of the different ingredients that the bride enjoys and you can then serve them in glow in the dark cups that match the ongoing theme.

Tea party themed

If your friend is quite shy and does not enjoy loud music or partying hard whatsoever, you can choose to organize a very photo friendly tea party just like ones we see in movies. You can have all of the guests dressed up in dainty looking dresses and also order cute little tea cups to sip on your tea from. One more thing you can do to further entertain everyone is to hire a makeup artist and professional photographer and backdrops. You can ask the makeup artist to give you and your friends’ vintage inspired makeovers and then take fun and stunning pictures that you can all cherish later.