Is your best friend about to get married soon to the love of her life? If you are named the maid of honor, then you have a huge responsibility to do and that is to plan her bachelorette night. Planning a wedding means you have to follow through with all kinds of wedding customs and traditions. If the spouse is getting a bachelor party, your friend should also be getting her own hens night party as well! Throwing a hens night is a great way to bring all your friends together one last time before the brides big day and just celebrate this chapter of her life. You can include various games and make sure that she has the night of her life! Since planning a wedding is also stress inducing, a hens night is the perfect way to get away from that stress too. So check out some expert tips to spice up your hens night party the right way.

Great entertainment is a must

If you plan a hens night without entertainment, then it is going to be the most dull hens night party every thrown! Since this is a chance to gather all old friends and just have a grand old time, you can look through the best hens night package ideas and choose a party package that includes entertainment. There are various games designed just for hens parties and by including them in your own party, it is not going to get boring at all! So, entertainment and games has to be included for sure.

Hire male strip artists

If your friend is getting married, then this is her last night as a bachelorette and so, it is only appropriate to add an element of surprise to her party and hire some strip artists for a male strip show! Male strip artists are vital to a hens night out because they can entertain you ladies all night long! Check with a professional service and you can choose either one or more strip artists to turn up at your hens night and spice it up the right way. With their presence and their shows, the night will truly be one to remember. Looking for a good male strip you can see this page to give a wonderful night.

Alcohol and food

Without alcohol, a party is never complete. So make sure that your party packages that you book includes alcohol to last through the night and get food for the party as well. With the availability of these two, your party is going to be a hit without a doubt!