You might have heard that female strippers earn $1000 every night so they are leading very glamorous lives. Is it really true or not? Yes it can be true and even cannot be. It depends. Spending on an amazing stripper is not less than a luxury expense. You cannot term it mandatory. The dancers are working for longer hours and they have more shifts as compared to earlier times. Respect them and their profession. Might be on an average they are making $150-400 each night all over the country. You cannot have an exact figure. Obviously, there are times when female strippers have their best nights because in those nights, they earn the most. But there may be time when they can get back with very nominal amount or even nothing because of tip out and house fees.

People also believe that they are uneducated or might be dumb due to that. They have not been ever in any school and hold any sort of degree.

The female strippers are found to have Sydney escorts jobs and highly believed to be drug addict. This is really not true because the clubs fire the female strippers who are drug and alcohol addicted. Moreover, who is so silly to spend their hard earned money on such dangerous and filthy things. Drug addiction is something that is even common among the general public too. Strippers really take care of themselves by retaining and maintaining their control over the audience.  They are suppose to have dad issues but this is really not happening.

People also believe that the female strippers definitely have the sexual trauma’s history. Nearly every woman must have encountered such situation in their lives. Sexual assault is something quite common. They are even targeted for completed or attempted rape. So why just the escort jobs done by females are pin pointed, all the working ladies can be targeted. True enough, the housewives or any other woman in the world can also be in continuous danger and have faced the sexual assaults or have been raped. They must have experiences some sort of it. The question arises that is it happening in the lives of female strippers only or it can be anyone. The official data do not witness such details.

People tend to believe them as unclean humans. Though they are spending most of their time in cleanliness activities like preening, waxing, shaving, tweezing, washing, spraying and wiping places that the non strippers usually hardly care about.

So look out for your escort jobs. You can turn be successful female stripper with six digit income as well.